Getting out of my own head

Dealing With Depression - Testimonies


It was such a blessing to have Steve with us at the Sanctuary Church. The advertising and videos were excellent tools to advertise this much needed topic. As a result we saw lots of visitors.

Steve’s approach was so real and connected with us all immediately. The fact that he had also walked this journey seemed to be a positive from those who spoke to us.

The topic was grounded in scripture which was a wonderful insight for many who hadn’t realised quite how much scripture says on this. That and the practical steps really encouraged people to start a journey of recovery in a determined way.

As Steve worked his way through the medications and side effects you could hear the  congregation gasp. 

We look forward to hearing testimonies as we have already begun to sit with and minister to members since this message.

The Church were hugely encouraged and the message has already began to circulate among friends that need to hear this.

Ps Nigel, Sanctuary Church, Bristol UK


We had an incredible event with Steve Marshall. Steve Ministered on Dealing with depression (Getting out of my own head). Mental health is a sort of taboo subject that is rarely preached on. However Steve did a great Job. His message was very well received by our church members and visitors alike. His approach on the subject was very practical but offered hope and deliverance. He addressed both physical (medication) and spiritual aspects of depression. Many people prayed and were helped.

It is something we will definitely be doing again in our church. I would recommend all churches to host this event. It will be a great blessing to your church. It also is a good outreach. Steve is a great orator but has substance and anointing.

Ps Purazeni, Potter's House Church, Bristol UK


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