HeCaresForYou Ministry Was Launched In 2018

The purpose of HeCaresForYou Ministry is to provide practical help for needy people, as well as giving them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry first started in Namibia, but can operate in any needy community in the world.

The aim of HeCaresForYou Ministry is to raise funds to purchase basic necessities for people in deprived communities. We make up provision packs and then do an outreach in the community. During the out reach the provision packs are given out, the gospel is preached, convert details are taken, and prayer is made for the healing of the sick.

The whole event is done in partnership with the local Pastor and his church congregation. The local Pastor continues to minister to that community after we have left, in the form of weekly visits, regular provision pack outreaches, Bible studies, etc.

HeCaresForYou Ministry have taken place in;

  • Walvis Bay, Namibia

  • Tsumeb, Namibia

  • Okahandja, Namibia

We aim to take HeCaresForYou Ministry all over the world.

HeCaresForYou Ministry
HeCaresForYou Ministry

James 2:15-16
James 2:15-16


HeCaresForYou Ministry
HeCaresForYou Ministry


HeCaresForYou Ministry depends on donations from our partners. Click here to make a donation if you would like to partner with us.

We appreciate your partnership.


Contact us now for details or our upcoming missions to the needy.

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