Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have a passion for encouraging and inspiring others to see and reach their potential in God.  As a young disciple I was involved in follow-up ministry, encouraging and helping new converts to be established in church and Christ. I have never lost that love and passion for people, and aim to preach messages that lift up Christ and his Cross, until all men are drawn to him.

I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and in supernatural healing and deliverance through prayer and the laying of hands. During healing crusades in Johannesburg, South Africa we saw over forty significant healings in the space of three weeks. God is able! 

I continue to contend for the supernatural in all my meetings; praying for healings, Holy Spirit baptisms, words of knowledge and revelation, and miracles. I believe  that every meeting is an opportunity for the power of God to be demonstrated.

The passion for follow-up and converts led me to the creation of an innovative new convert follow-up system called Phenomenal follow-up, which was developed using skills from my former career as an IT Consultant.  This system has been in use in churches for the past three years with tremendous success. Check it out and see if it can work for your church.