preaching course

If you are tired of preaching
sub-standard sermons?  
  • That don't hit the target​

  • That don't reveal Christ adequately

  • That people don't remember 

  • That don't radically change lives 

Then this preaching course is for you


On This Course You Will Learn How To

Get to the cross from any scripture in the Bible.

Properly select texts.

Preach messages that are encouraging, challenging, memorable and life-changing.

Course Format

The preaching course can be accessed in the following formats; 

  • Short overview videos (free)

  • Detailed PowerPoint course (paid)

  • Webinars (paid)

  • 1-on-1 sermon writing and preaching coaching (paid)

Sign up for the preaching course and coaching
1-on-1 Sermon & Preaching Coaching
*Select coaching in blocks of 1hr
*You will be contacted to schedule sessions
Sermon & Preaching Course PowerPoints (Full Set)
*PowerPoint lessons for the complete course
*15 full and detailed lessons

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