Pastor Daniel Leung 

Potters House

Church Preston (UK)

Steve Marshall is anointed for this ministry. Inspiring preaching, a heart for the people, organisational advice, wisdom & a wealth of experience. Not only will your church love him, gain fruit & be impacted, but you yourself will leave encouraged & inspired by his ministry wisdom & guidance. A great man, with a great ministry, backed by our great God.


Always a first choice in our calendar. 

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Pastor Gabriel Salau

Potters House Church Streatham (London, UK)

Evangelist Steve Marshall came to do a Sunday morning service, it was a great privilege to have him. He preached a wonderful sermon 'But God', which really encouraged the church in regards to what God can do. He really did work hard at encouraging people at the altar as well as making himself available to speak to people after the service.

Was great to fellowship with him afterwards as well, I was personally challenged to have regular prayer meetings which we've now implemented so there's a real sense of expectation that we will see breakthrough in our church.

I'm very grateful to have had him and highly recommend his ministry.

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Pastor Antonio Da Silva

Potters House Church Stevenage (UK)

Just wanted to share a report of a revival we had with Evangelist Steve Marshall.


Particularly with the season we are in, this revival was very timely and definitely a revival that stirred the church.


He evangelised on the streets with us ministering in music and preaching. We started Saturday night, a powerful sermon entitled “it’s all about your reaction” people who were usually unmoved or going through the motions were impacted with one saying that’s exactly what I needed to hear.


Sunday Morning Ps Steve sought the mind of God and felt to challenge the church to step out and inherit the promises of God. Everyone came to the alter, 3 rededicated and a prayer for boldness. A young man who has been avoiding commitment, just deciding to come church, clock-in and clock-out approached me afterwards and said I need to get back on outreach and be bold about my faith, invite friends etc. Just before the Evening service he boldly went to the park next to the hall to invite some guys to the revival. Revival concluded Sunday evening with sermon called “But God”, everyone encouraged, word of knowledge on point and people stirred to do something for God.


Where we are as a church this revival was brilliant! I highly recommend Evang. Steve’s Ministry; every sermon was with zeal and passion and connected with everyone.

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